Celebrating 90 Years: Jacksonville University's Charter Day commemorates commitment and service to the community

April 12, 2024

Jacksonville University proudly commemorates its 90th anniversary today, celebrating its founding, or “chartering,” by hosting its annual Charter Day of Service with a series of impactful events. Hundreds of students, faculty, alumni and esteemed members of the business and community sectors gathered to participate in various service projects benefiting local organizations throughout the Arlington community and city of Jacksonville. The Honorable Donna Deegan, Mayor of Jacksonville, attended the 90th anniversary celebration and presented Jacksonville University and President Tim Cost with a formal proclamation.

JU students clean up One Tree HillWith more than 800 individuals committing to serve at 38 Jacksonville-area locations this year, the impact of its annual Day of Service is profound. Over the years, Jacksonville University has made significant contributions, including aiding more than 112 organizations, collecting more than 28,000 pounds of food, and accounting for 30,000 volunteer hours. 

"What a momentous milestone for both Jacksonville University and our city," said Mayor Donna Deegan. "I am proud that Jacksonville is home to such an extraordinary institution of higher learning and am excited to watch it continue evolving and expanding as it prepares the next generation of leaders."

While speaking on campus, at the River House, Mayor Deegan recognized Jacksonville University’s role of empowering students for life-long growth as global citizens through a transformative, innovative educational experience, built on excellence in community-centered service over the last nine decades. 

President Tim Cost and Mayor Donna Deegan"It’s a privilege to have Mayor Deegan on hand for this year's milestone as we celebrate 90 years as a cornerstone of the Arlington and greater Jacksonville community,” said Jacksonville University President, Tim Cost. “Our Charter Day of Service is a special opportunity to show our commitment to our community in a hands-on way, making a tangible difference in the lives of those around us. To see our students, staff, faculty, alumni, partners and community members making a profound impact by contributing to the greater good as our University turns 90 is special and rewarding.”

Aligned with Jacksonville University's core values, the Charter Day of Service signifies a collective effort to give back to the community and affect positive change in the lives of those in need. Participants engaged in diverse service projects spanning environmental stewardship, educational initiatives, community revitalization and humanitarian endeavors.

Throughout the commemorative festivities, participants displayed their allegiance and school spirit by proudly wearing the institution's official colors of green and white. Individuals also amplified awareness of the event on social media platforms, using the hashtag #jugives, extending the reach and impact of our collective endeavors. Students at Feeding NEFL

Beyond its Day of Service, Jacksonville University alumni have left an indelible mark on the local Jacksonville  community through their unwavering dedication to service, leadership and innovation. Armed with the knowledge, skills and values instilled at Jacksonville University, our alumni have emerged as catalysts for positive change across various sectors. Their collective impact is a testament to our institution's enduring legacy and the transformative power of education in shaping a brighter future for all.

For more details about the 90th anniversary of our founding and Charter Day of Service, please visit https://www.ju.edu/charterday/

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