Student Health Insurance

Undergraduate Health Insurance Information

All full-time Traditional Undergraduate students taking at least twelve (12) credit hours are automatically enrolled in the Jacksonville University Student Health Insurance Plan. The premium for this annual coverage is included in the tuition billing during the fall semester. Students can waive this coverage by providing proof of comparable insurance before the waiver deadline. 

Policy for Waiving the Insurance

In order to waive the Jacksonville University Student Health Insurance Plan, your private health insurance must provide comparable coverage in the state of Florida. If you have health insurance coverage that allows you to be seen by a doctor in the Jacksonville area and that will cover you without gaps from at least August 1, 2024, through July 31, 2025, you may qualify to waive the school’s insurance.

Waiver Procedure

All eligible students who have other comparable insurance coverage must file a waiver in order to waive participation in the Student Medical Insurance Plan. Your insurance company must be based in the United States. International policies are not accepted. Once you have submitted your waiver, and it has been approved, please allow 1 week for your charges to be removed

To waive the student health insurance you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Fill in all required fields on the form
  2. Upload images of the front and back of your insurance card
  3. Submit

Health Insurance Waiver 

If the waiver information has not been submitted online by the indicated deadline, the student will remain enrolled in the University's Student Medical Insurance Plan, and the charge for the Student Medical Insurance Plan cannot be removed.

Premium Rates and Waiver Deadlines

Premium Rates and Waiver Deadlines
Coverage Period 8/1/24– 7/31/25
Enrollment & Waiver Deadline 8/23/24
Student ONLY $3,215

Additional Information 

Students may enroll after the deadline only if there is a significant life change (e.g., loss of prior coverage). Contact the Jacksonville University Student Health Insurance Administrator at (904) 256-7080 or If you have any questions you can reach out to the Student Accounts Office at

Graduate & Professional Studies Health Insurance

This information applies to undergraduate students. If you are a Graduate and Professional Studies student, please click the button below to review your Health Insurance requirements.


The University’s student health insurance policy complies with Federal Health Care Reform law (section 1302b of the PPACA)


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