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Through My JU, you have access to many documents and tools related to your account with Jacksonville University, including your financial aid status and award letter, tax information, and payment tools.


Self Service

Self-service is your one stop access to complete the business part of attending college.  You can complete your financial aid documents, view your award letter, view your statement, pay your bill and more.

Self Service Tutorial


Authorized User

The Authorized User feature allows you to assign someone you choose to view your billing statement and make a payment on your student account.

How to set up an Authorized User

If you have any questions about this tool, please contact the Student Accounts office at (904) 256-7080.


Direct Deposit

Students who receive loan funding in their own name, that exceeds their balance, are eligible to receive a refund for the excess credit. Once financial aid has been disbursed, students will receive a notification, and any applicable refunds will be processed within 14 days from that date. For the quickest, most secure, and simplest method to receive a refund, we are now requiring students, who receive loan funding in their name, to enroll in direct deposit. By setting this up, any expected refunds or reimbursements will be directly deposited into their account, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. If your loan funding is in the name of a parent or guardian, a refund check will be mailed to them. 

To activate direct deposit for your account:

  • Log into My JU.
  • Under the Student Tab on the right side of your screen, click “Financial Information."
  • Click “Bank Information (Not for Payroll).”
  • Enter the bank information you want your refunds or reimbursements to go to.
  • Identify your account type as “Checking” or “Savings.”
  • Select ‘Receive payment advice via’ and confirm that the email address that appears there is correct.
  • Enter your email address under “Confirmation Email Address.”
  • Review the Terms and Conditions and select “I Agree.”
  • Submit your information.

Direct deposit only works with U.S. bank accounts. You will be responsible for updating your bank information if you change accounts or financial institutions. You can change the account you want your deposit to go to at any time. If you have questions about direct deposit, please reach out to  Brandee Mutino in Student Financial Services at or (904) 256-7080.

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