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UpSkill Institute at Jacksonville UniversityOver 800 Courses

Jacksonville University's UpSkill Institute is dedicated to educating those who wish to advance their knowledge. Our expansive catalog of online courses includes Art & Design, Business, Computer Applications, Construction & Trades, Computer Science, Health & Fitness, Hospitality, Information Technology, Legal, Math & Science, Teacher Professional Development, Test Preparation, and Writing. All online courses are either instructor-led or self-paced. You can pursue your education from across the globe or nestled in Jacksonville, FL. 


Achieve Your Career GoalsThis is Jacksonville University

Jacksonville University’s UpSkill Institute is for professionals and companies who are looking to enhance their knowledge and skill set to remain competitive in today’s cutting-edge world.

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This is Jacksonville University

Congratulations, you're exploring colleges. Time to fill out forms and write essays then visit campuses and talk non-stop about: your future. But before we talk about your future let's talk about the future. This one, no this one, okay maybe this one! Here's the thing: the future hasn't happened yet. There are ideas about it but they look less like answers and more like questions. Every question inspiring another question and that's how it's always been. They used to ask what happens when it's not done by hand? When there are machines? Or software, or robots? Questions not answers, and that's where you come. Questions that guide your future. That find the answers that define THE future. Where should you go to
get ready for that? Glad you asked! This is Jacksonville University. It's not just a perfect place for sunny waterfront beauty, although, this is where you choose the future you want. How? By defining it yourself. You customize your path and make it one-of-a-kind, define it on your own terms.  Want to combine majors? Go for it!  This is a place to turn ideas into plans and plans into reality. It's a place to learn by doing. To do the research and ask important questions, to dare and fail and try again and succeed! And then take that success and attack the next big challenge: bringing marine life back from the brink; reimagining transportation;  robotics, AI, the next big thing! What you take on and how you approach it, that's up to you!  You wanna build a future where you decide what impact you make? You've come to the right place!

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Have questions about UpSkill Institute? Please contact us via email at Faculty Policy

The UpSkill Institute at Jacksonville University is overseen by Dr. Christine Sapienza, Executive Vice President of Partnerships and Development.

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